Gear Shaft Laser Marking Machine BL-MGS-IPG100W

Application :

Specially used for engraving steel motor gears shafts,maximum engraving depth is about 0.5mm. The graphic is still clearly visible after many process. The applicable diameter is 33mm-650mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.Metal plate frame structure enables the cabinet with good shock resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, waterproofing, dust proofing and radiation protection, ensuring the inner equipment running safely and stably, ergonomic design, more comfortable operation

2.Adopting advanced auto-focusing technology, the marking software can automatically record every product’s focus parameters. When changing different products, the equipment can adjust focus automatically without manual operation

3.More intelligent Centering positioning design, through the positioning device on both sides, operators only need to put gear shafts on the platform, then the equipment will automatically operate and realize centre positioning, solving the problem of marking offset caused by manual positioning and improving the marking efficiency

4.In addition to increasing productivity, the client also wanted to be able to check the quality the DataMatrix marking. This is why we integrated a code reader under the laser head, which offers a very wide view, perfect for re-reading the 2D codes (DMX, QR) as well as for centring the marking on smaller items. Our customised software allows you to immediately see the degree of marking and the quality of the work on the monitor.

5.Germany imported 100W IPG fiber laser source can achieve better deep engraving effect and be more efficient.

6.Customized marking software interfacing with client’s MES system can upload product data and adjust marking position automatically.

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Laser power


Marking Area


Max Marking Speed


Marking Depth


Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Min Character


Min Line Width


Adjusting power range


Power Supply

220V 10A 50Hz

Power Consumption

< 1.2KW

Running Temperature


Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

Overall Weight


Machine Dimension

Big gear: 1190mm x 700mm x 1890mm

Small gear: 950mm x 750mm x 2140mm



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