Nameplate Laser Marking Machine BL-PFP30A

Application :

Since productivity is one of the most important requirements of tag producers, we have developed a system that allows easy management of laser engraving, so as to reduce the operator’s work to automate the processes. The main tag materials are aluminum and stainless steel.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.This laser marker is configurable up to 2 loaders: from a single one, which can contain up to 400 tags with the Pick&place system that regulates disorderly unloading, up to 2 different loaders that can manage both disorderly unloading and ordered loading with the same Pick&place system;

2.It is possible to install different size loaders in the same housing if different size tags need to be marked. This gives the laser marker great versatility and a strong productive advantage;

3.The operator loads the tags in the loader and the laser marking program for tags, capable of handling one or more operating sequences, is started. BOLN usually creates software according to customer needs, guaranteeing its ease of use. The main advantage of our marking software is its ability to progressively manage data, automatically populating the contents of the laser engraving on the tags according to the production order;

4.Once loading has been completed and the software started, the operator’s work is finished. The tags are automatically marked and then picked up by a Pick&Place system (equipped with a suction cup) and unloaded;

5.With the function of automatic counting and count daily capacity;

6.The whole marking and engraving system is completely made of welded, stretched and milled steel. This makes it possible to produce long-lasting structures, and guarantees great precision in the laser marking process, even in the event of accidental impacts or unnoticed shifts of the marker.




Laser power


Marking Area


Max Marking Speed


Marking Depth


Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Min Character


Min Line Width


Adjusting power range


Power Supply

220V 10A 50Hz

Power Consumption

< 600W

Running Temperature


Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

Overall Weight


Machine Dimension

1100mm x 750mm x 1960mm


sample (1)
sample (2)
sample (3)

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