Application of Laser Coding Traceability System

The traceability system has been widely used in various industries. It is actually a production control system that can track products in a way of forward, reverse or non-directional, and can be applied to the production and control of various types of products. The task of the traceability system is to ensure that the specified part is installed on the specified product in order to achieve the required performance of the product and ensure safety. In the establishment of the traceability system, laser technology is the key.
With the continuous development of the “Internet +” model and laser marking technology, more and more companies and users have adopted the Internet thinking, combined the Internet with laser marking, developed new laser application fields, and established product traceability informatization and intelligent systems. Laser marking technology can realize internal quality control and external customer terminal query through laser marking irreversible QR code. This application has been widely used in food, medical, electronic products, industrial accessories and other industries. The traceability technology is consistent with the relevant national laws and regulations, and can quickly and comprehensively realize the safety and traceability of any product.

Application in the food industry

Through laser coding, the raw materials and the whole production process can be recorded, and then using the bar-code scanner to verify the code and upload to the cloud database, and then transfer to the warehouse management. When it is delivered to the channel distributors and retail channel dealers, the unique identity code marked by laser machine can effectively prevent smuggling. The irreversibility of laser marking can also effectively prevent counterfeiting and avoid mixing fake and shoddy products.
On the other hand, end customers can scan the QR code through the mobile client to view the food source, processing process, production date and other information in real time, so that they can buy safe food.
Application in the electronics industry
The laser coding traceability system in the electronics industry can be said to be an application of the entire industry chain. Taking Huawei mobile phones as an example, companies in the upstream supply chain are required to mark each accessory with a QR code, which can be read and identified during the downstream assembly process. In the production process, it is possible to monitor the product problem in real time and remove and replenish materials in time, then uploading that to the database and connecting with the warehouse management system. The real purpose is to realize the intelligent management of the factory and prepare for the upgrade of the smart factory.
In addition, in the raw materials of many electronic products, in order to promote their own brands, suppliers will also mark their own patent number, logo, production date and other information through the laser marking machine, but more companies mark QR code. There are also some users who promote brands to mark their own logos and special characters, such as the laser marking of Apple chips A8 and A10.
Application in automotive industry
The application in automobiles developed relatively early, mainly in cooperation with government regulatory agencies, uploading information to the database, such as marking the QR code on the engine block and cylinder head. The permanent marking which is not affected by heat and corrosion can prevent vehicle modification.
With the upgrade of the traceability system and the development of intelligence, the laser machine is more widely used in auto parts, such as piston rings, which are marked with model, manufacturers and dates. The automobile supplier can quickly know whether the model are the original version comparing with database and whether it has been replaced.
Application in the medical industry

The medical industry is similar to the food industry. Hidden dangers in various links are frequently issued, and there is a lack of supervision. At this time, it is necessary to mark the QR code through laser marking technology, and assign a unique identity to each drug or medical device. The code is uploaded to the government Regulatory authorities to ensure the safety of medicines. At the same time, after the occurrence of problematic drugs, we can track the flow of drugs in the first time.
At present, it has become a trend by laser marking machine to mark QR code, which is a safe and reliable guarantee. The application of laser marking technology will also become more and more extensive with the application of traceability.

Post time: Feb-21-2022