How to choose a suitable laser marking machine?

Choosing a laser marking machine is the same as what we usually buy. The best is not necessarily the most expensive, and the most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable. Let’s talk about some skills of purchasing laser marking machine:

1.Laser source of marking machine
Firstly, confirm the product material, because different materials absorb laser light differently, which is decided by laser wavelength. Laser sources are named by laser wavelengths. Therefore, different materials should select different laser source.
Fiber laser marking machine: wavelength 1064nm, main application fields: metal, plastic, label paper, etc;
CO2 laser marking machine: wavelength 10.6μm, main application fields: bamboo and wood, cloth, ceramics, acrylic, leather, etc;
UV laser marking machine: wavelength 355nm, main application fields: silica gel, UV plastic, paper, glass and heat sensitive materials;
Green laser marking machine: wavelength 532nm, main application fields: film, fruit, egg, carton, reinforced glass, etc;
If you want to choose the best suitable machine, the key point is to do sample experiment.

2.Laser source power
Laser power is sometimes the key to affect the marking speed and marking effect. Different laser sources have the most stable power range:
For fiber laser marking machine, the most stable power is 20W or 30W;
For CO2 laser marking machine, 30W is the most stable;
For UV laser marking machine, the 5W is the most stable;
For green laser marking machine, 5W is the most stable.
Select the appropriate power, firstly depend on the product material, such as UV engraving paper, film and plastic, 3W is OK. But if you want to engrave glass, you need UV 3W or even 5W power.
Secondly, according to the cycle time to choose the suitable laser power. For example, for hardware, fiber 20W is generally used for marking. If needing quicker marking speed, fiber 30W high power is more suitable.
Of course, finally determining which laser source and laser power is the most suitable, it is recommended to test with specific samples to check the marking effect and marking time.

Post time: Feb-08-2022