IC chips marking by CCD Visual System


A chip is a carrier of an integrated circuit, which is divided by several wafers, and is a general term for semiconductor components. The IC chip can integrate a variety of electronic components on the silicone plate to form a circuit, so as to achieve certain specific functions. In order to distinguish the chips, it needs to make some marks, such as numbers, characters and logos. With the characteristics of small size and high integration density, the chip processing accurancy is very high. Considering that the chip production is generally carried out in a dust-free workshop, and the marker must be permanent and has the functions of anti-counterfeiting , laser marking machine will be the first choice.

The laser machine spot is very fine, which can engrave permanent markers, and the characters are exquisite and beautiful, and will not damage the chip functions. The customized chip marking machine of BOLN laser adopts modular and reconfigurable design, which can realize mass production rapidly and can be compatible with a variety of products with different specifications. Equipping with the CCD vision positioning system, this equipment can achieve high precision and error-free laser marking effect.


The core function of the machine is the CCD visual positioning function, which can automatically identify product features and achieve rapid positioning. Small objects can also be marked with high precision. And product positioning fixtures are not needed, reducing Manual participation and improving working efficiency.

The processed product can be round, square, and irregular shape. This process is particularly suitable for small products. Positioning trays and fixed fixtures are not needed for this equipment, which greatly optimizing the laser marking processing cycle. Since then, small-sized products will not be a difficulty for laser marking. With the CCD visual positioning system, the "small product" becomes "large one". The accuracy problem that cannot be controlled by the traditional marking machine can be solved here.


The CCD visual positioning laser marking machine can load product randomly, realizing precise positioning and perfect marking, which greatly improves the marking efficiency. Aiming at the problems of difficult loading way, poor positioning, and slow speed caused by the fixture design problem, CCD camera marking can solve all these problems by using an external camera to capture product features in real time.

The laser equipment can locate the product angle and position to achieve precise marking. According to camera configurations, the marking accuracy can be controlled within 0.01mm.

Post time: Apr-06-2021