Laser Anti-counterfeiting Technology for Mask

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, mask has become a daily necessity for every person. However, the huge demand gap has caused some illegal vendors to take advantage of it, and a large number of low-quality masks have flowed into the market. Terms related to "fake masks" and "mask fraud" have repeatedly appeared in hot searches. Fake masks not only have no protective effect, but also have the risk of pollution due to substandard production environmental, which is extremely harmful to personal health. The most direct way to identify masks is to check the laser anti-counterfeiting marks.


For boxed 3M, N95/KN95 series masks, it can be identified by the anti-counterfeiting labels on the mask box. The label of the real mask will change color from different angles, while the label of the fake mask will not change color. For masks packaged in bulk, the authenticity can be distinguished by observing the words on the mask. The real 3M mask text is marked by laser with diagonal lines, while the fake is printed by ink with dots (marks of uneven ink).

In fact, laser marking anti-counterfeiting technology can not only be used to identify the authenticity of masks, but also play an important role in the fields of food, medicine, tobacco, beauty, and electronic products. It can be said that laser marking Anti-counterfeiting technology has been integrated into all aspects of our lives.

As a new type of laser marking technology, the marking effect of fiber laser marking machine is very precise. The marking line can reach millimeter or micron grade, which makes it very difficult to imitate and modify the labels. For those parts with small and complex shapes, the fiber laser marking machine can easily complete the marking work. Not only the effect is very beautiful, but it will not directly contact the object, and it will not damage the object.

The markers is permanent and will not be blurred with time going by, so that the markers itself have the function of anti-counterfeiting. But there exists the possibility of counterfeiting. Thus, considering the characteristics of the laser machine controlling by computer, BOLN laser customized the laser marking system and interfacing with corporation database system. After integrating the database function in the marking software, the customer can verify the code and distinguish the authenticity of the product. The anti-counterfeiting data can be text, barcode, DM or QR code. Meanwhile, the equipment is equipped with a barcode reader, which can quickly identify the code content and verify the code grade, optimizing the production cycle time and keeping product for traceability and tamper resistant.

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Post time: Apr-06-2021