VIN Code Laser Equipment for Two-wheeled Vehicle Industry


With the continuous increase in automobile number in our country, the environmental pollution problem caused by automobile exhaust has become more and more serious. Thus the goverment is vigorously promoting green way to get around. The number of new energy vehicles in China is increasing. Two-wheeled vehicles are quite popular on urban roads because of their cheap price and compact size. Now, two-wheeled electric cars can be seen everywhere on the street. But with the promulgation of the new GB, the state requires all two-wheeled vehicles on the road to be licensed.


As a result, citizens have gone through the procedures for registration of electric vehicles, but there are more and more disputes between electric vehicle owners and stores, and more than half of them are related to the VIN code, which concentrated on three aspects: there is no VIN code on the frame or certificate; the VIN code on the frame didn’t match with the certificate; the VIN code was used before. These problems were attributed to the fact that the two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers have not carried out the VIN encoding rules strictly.


Concerning with this phenomenon, the new national standard requires all two-wheeled vehicle to be marked with a VIN code consisting of 17 characters and numbers before delivery. This is a special text for vehicle identification, like “ID Card”.

At present, the VIN code is generally marked by using dot peen marking machine, but the new national standard requires that the marking depth must be over 0.2mm, and the marking content can be rubbed. Due to the marking depth of dot peen marking machine can’t reach the requirement of the new national standard, the characters will be lost and unclear. And the machine makes a lot of noise, which has far exceeded the limit that the human ear can bear, affecting the physical and mental health of workers. Therefore, BOLN laser has customized the VIN code marking machine for two-wheeled vehicle industry.

Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in electronic components, hardware, electrical industry, daily consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, 3C electronics, crafts, precision apparatuses, gifts and ornaments, medical equipments, high-low-voltage appliances, bathroom accessories, battery industry, IT industry, etc. And the marking characters are quite clear, not easy to wear, and have the function of tamper proof. Moreover, the customized marking machine can interface with corporate MES system and keep every VIN code for traceability. BOLN laser has customized VIN code marking machine for many companies, such as YADEA, Segway-Ninebot, Niu Technologies.


Post time: Apr-06-2021